Pricing subject to change.

Quilting Services
We offer the following quilting services and options.

A set particular pattern over entire quilt. This form of quilting pattern is placed on your quilt in rows.

A set particular pattern over center of quilt (meandering), with a different pattern placed in the border area.

This involves incorporating two or more patterns in the quilt top. Sometime a specific pattern is quilted into each block with another pattern, which compliments the design in the other areas.

We will choose a color that compliments your quilt and the quilting design unless you specify otherwise. Cost varies according to thread choices. When we choose thread, we will choose a solid color and one color per quilt.



The binding is machine sewn to the front of the quilt so you can do the hand sewing to the back.

Machine sewn to both the front and back of the quilt.

Extra Charges

Our prices are based on a per square yard basis. To obtain the total square yards, measure your quilt top in inches. Multiply the width by the length in inches. Next, divide that total by 1296. This will give you the square yards in your quilt.

For a quick calculation, use this form:

Width (in.)      x   Height (in.)      /   1296   =      Square Yards