Quilt Finishing Services

Whitetail Quilting offers longarm quilting services for quilters who enjoy creating quilt tops, but don't have the time to finish their quilts by hand. Many quilters have spent hours piecing beautiful quilt tops, but they are just sitting in a drawer or closet, not yet quilted. We would love the opportunity to help you finish your labors of love. Together, we can turn those unfinished quilt tops into special heirlooms!

Our quilting studio is located in our smoke-free home in Fridley, Minnesota. Rest assured your hard work is in the hands of a fellow quilter who appreciates and understands the effort involved in creating a quilt top. Your quilt top will be treated as though it were my own.

Our goal is to provide you with quality machine quilting at reasonable prices. Using our Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher, we usually turn quilts within three-weeks in shop time. The Gammill, with its large quilting area and features, permits us to stitch exact geometrics and intricate patterns with exquisite detail. You may choose from pantograph or customized designs that work to best enhance your quilt. There are many options designed to fit the style of your quilt and transform it into a finished treasure.

We have many pantograph patterns (overall quilting) for you to choose from, or we can provide custom quilting. Together we will design a quilt that you will be proud to use, display or give to someone special. We turn your quilts into family treasures with precise stitches and beautiful designs.

We work with beginners or experts. If you struggle to quilt your quilts on your home sewing machine or simply enjoy piecing & appliqué more than the final quilting, let us quilt your tops for you so you can move on to the next project!

Thanks for stopping by - We look forward to seeing your masterpiece!

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